Bandi Light Pen
  The Bandi Light Pen is the unique product, invented in 1994.
This invention relates to a pen with illuminator allowing users to write even in the dark by illuminating the surface to be written on.
The market of Light Pen is the military, police and industrial site field worker who work in the night. This product can also have great chance in promotional and gift item.

Bandi Pavement Marking

  The Bandi Pavement Marking has unique hexagonal form with alloy aluminum body and reflector, made of Cat's Eye glass beads. This pavement marking was designed for the excellent reflection by glass beads and state-of-art design , easy-to-install with the innovative device of anchor, developed by our R&D team ( patent under process), free adhesive and easy-to-maintain.

Bandi Signal Light Stick

  The Bandi Signal Light Stick was developed for police equipment originally and used for road construction site, parking lot and individual emergency equipment in car. This light stick has the high speed flickering system, comfortable rubber grip and belt rack. The high bright reflection paper and LED provides you with excellent signal in all directions
Bandi Easy Arm
  The Bandi Easy Arm is an ergonomic product developed by the educational industrial complex in Korea. It was verified that it can prevent newly-emerging occupational diseases such as VDT syndrome and cold shoulder ailment 70% of cases. It can provide dramatic relief on muscle tension coming from arm's stiff lumps, engendering superb work and study efficiencies.
Bulnori Hula Hoop
  Bulnori Hula Hoop provides you the effect of exercise with a lot of joy. When you start turning this hoop, it is lighting. Turn faster, more bright. This is unique hula hoop, developed by LED technology.